This Is Why You Never Celebrate A Missed Penalty Kick Too Soon!

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One Thai goal keeper was hanging his head in shame and regret during a recent soccer game. The stage was set for a penalty kick and as the kicker and the goalie faced off, the unimaginable happened.

The kicker winds up and boots the ball towards the goal, but the ball misses, hitting the top of the goal and ricocheting upwards. The goalie burst into celebration, running up field, cheering and boasting! As the goalie made his way past the kickers and towards his teammates up field, the ball touches down.

The ball, having backspin due to hitting the goal post, hit the ground and started bouncing backwards toward the goal. With no goalie in position, the ball bounced its way straight into the goal!

Fans and players alike were completely stunned and the goalie was clearly embarrassed and frustrated.