Solar Panel Flowers To Heat Up Your Pool

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If you have a pool, you know the struggle to keep the water warm — especially if you don’t live in the warmest of places.

These solar panel flowers will heat up your pool for you so it becomes the perfect swimming temperature!

These flowers add a decorative, colorful and functional aspect to any pool! They work similar to a solar cover, grasping heat from the sun and dispersing that heat into the pool water! This way, your pool water is always a warm and comfortable temp!

Once the flowers are placed in the pool, they will fill water, so you don’t have to worry about them blowing away on a windy day!

They measure 22″ in diameter and come in rainbow, blue or black.

One Amazon review said, “There is a noticeable difference where these have been floating. The big thing to keep in mind is their dimensions; my 9×18 ft pool will likely need 3 sets for full surface coverage.”

They price at $150 for a set of 12.

You can purchase them on Amazon HERE!