Soldier Gets Surprise Leave To Go Back Home And Meet Newborn Daughter!

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soldier surprise baby

In September, Jake and Chelsea Osborne found out that they were expecting a baby. A few days later, Jake was being deployed to Afghanistan.

Throughout Jake’s deployment, he found out that his wife was having a little girl. Sadly, Jake didn’t know if he would be able to come home in order to see his little girl be born. As the delivery date neared, everything changed as his commanding officer told him to pack his bags and get ready to fly home. He was granted leave.

Within two days Jake was on a plane back to the states. As he was sitting in a restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee waiting on his last flight, his sister texted him and let him know that his wife was going into labor.

Jake’s sister gave him a play by play as the baby was brought in to the world.

When Jake arrived at the hospital and walked in to the hospital room where his wife and daughter lay, he was stunned. Jake froze and with a smile from ear to ear, Jake met his little girl for the first time!

I just love stories like this!