Solid Wood Furniture Is A Traditional Christmas Gift

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If you’re looking for the perfect gift to bring to your loved ones this year, why not consider a beautiful new custom-built piece of solid wood furniture? It can be difficult to pick out a gift that’s perfectly suited to just one person, so get something that anyone is guaranteed to love. Not only does solid wood furniture look beautiful, but it offers numerous practical benefits as well. 

Lasting Quality 

People who get wrapped up in the trends of consumerism tend to purchase the newest technology, only to be disappointed all too often. So many new products wear out or break within a year. Products that are made cheaply, tend to be difficult or costly to repair. If you want to give a gift that someone will really appreciate, you need to find one that is quality made, so it will last longer than a single season. 

With hand crafted reclaimed wood furniture like a wooden desk or dining table, you’ll have a product that’s made to last. All it takes is the slightest care, such as: 

  • Keeping your Furniture out of Direct Sunlight
  • Maintain an Average Humidity Level 
  • Keep Your Furniture Free from Standing Water 
  • Apply an Occasional Oil Based Protection

All of the regular care that you need for solid wood furniture can easily be done by the owner at home. 

Custom Designs 

When you order a custom made piece of solid wood furniture, you’ll get to decide on a variety of different options in order to ensure that you get an item unlike any other that exists in the world. 

Custom-made furniture can be designed to match the décor of your home more precisely than anything that you can find already manufactured. Just think how wonderful a Christmas gift you’ll be able to give when you have a coffee table or dining table made to match someone’s home. 


Reclaimed Wood

One of the most sought after trends in solid wood furniture is reclaimed wood. Not only does this option give you an environmentally sustainable product, but it helps to bring an element of rustic elegance into a home. If you have a friend or family member that would appreciate an eclectic statement piece and cares strongly about making ethical purchases, then a reclaimed wood table would make an excellent gift. 

Epoxy Fill 

If you’re looking for a really special item, check out the possibilities that are available when you mix a solid wood piece of furniture with a beautiful shade of epoxy fill. Epoxy can be made to either highlight the natural live edge of the wood or to introduce additional colour. One thing is for certain, the result you get when you combine epoxy and solid wood is a piece of furniture that is like no other. 

Solid wood is the most popular material to be used in furniture making because it is versatile, durable and beautiful. That’s why you can’t go wrong when you give handcrafted wood furniture this Christmas.