Somali Pirates Receive Instant Justice From Cargo Ships Private Security Team

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The act of pirating is still alive and well today and it is just as deadly of a game as it was 300-years ago. Somali pirates often patrol the ocean waters waiting for a big score, cargo ships filled with loot that they can’t wait to get their hands on.

Over the years, we have seen news reports of Somali pirates taking cargo ships over, holding hostages and stealing their goods. Owners of the cargo ships understand these threats and they often times hire private security to defend their goods and people.

In a recent video trending on Youtube, a group of Somali pirates attempt to board a massive cargo ship, but the ship is equipped with heavily armed, private security. Things don’t end well for the pirates and there is no doubt a video like this receiving millions of views will ward of future pirates.

The newly released video is the number 5 most trending video on Youtube in the last two days. 

Warning | The video below is intense. 


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