Some Dude In Florida Is Selling An ‘Out Of This World’ UFO Shaped, Floating Camper!

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There is a massive Facebook group out there called ‘Weird Secondhand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared‘ and with just shy of 2-million followers, you are guaranteed to see some crazy-cool stuff being posted. Just like this UFO camper for sale in Florida!

Frank Cox was driving down US Route 1 in Key Largo, Florida when he came across this ‘out of this world’ UFO looking, floating camper!

It has a bathroom, seats, and marine cleats to tie off to, reads the Facebook post.

Comments immediately began to flood in, with the most common one being, ‘How much?’.

While Cox didn’t snag the price tag on this beauty, a few commentators who are familiar with the floating camper, offered up some info.

It would appear that the dude trying to sell this has been trying for many years! One comment stated that the price tag was roughly $20k – four years ago. Another person mentioned that there is one in the Ford Museum and it is an old ‘compact home’ concept.

Either way, this is a super unique, cool piece! Imagine rolling up to the campground in this thing?