Someone Invented A Leather Coin Purse That Doubles As A Self-Defense Weapon

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We live in a dangerous and crazy world…but there are ways to protect yourself against the crazy’s that walk among us!

With this unique leather coin purse you can turn your coins into a weapon to smash would-be thieves and assualters. It’s the perfect item to keep you in your purse, bag, or looped around your belt for when you may (on the off chance) need some coinage, or you need to defend yourself against an attacker.


We can see it now — future news headlines:

  • “Thief Attacked By The Actual Money He Was Going To Steal”
  • “Beat Down By Lincoln’s”
  • “Attacker With No Sense Beaten Senseless With 84 Cents”
  • “Attacker Gets Coin Purse To The Groin”

The coin purse self-defense weapon has a zipper that opens up where you can store all of your change. Zip it up, store it on your belt or in your purse or backpack and in an emergency, just unsap the coin purse, hold onto the handle, and swing and smash away!

The coin purse uses the weight of the coins to create momentum when swinging. So you are sure to land some decent hits with this bad boy. And when the attack is over…use the change to get yourself a tasty treat as a little celebration of you warding off danger!

The self-defense coin purse is made from thick leather that comes in either brown or dark brown colors to choose from, uses thick-line sewing with one-needle and one-line hand-stitching, it’s wear-resistant, extremely durable, and feels very high-quality to the touch.

The coin purse measures 10 inches long x 3 inches wide.

You can buy it HERE on Amazon!