Someone Just Uploaded Their Complete Collection Of Kmart In-Store Background Music

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kmart music

A strange time capsule of 1989 – 1993 via discount department store ephemera.

(brought to you by ChartAttack)

Mark Davis worked behind the Service Desk at the Naperville, IL Kmart in the late ’80s and early ’90s. Every month, corporate office issued a cassette to be played over the store speaker system — canned elevator-type music with advertisements seeded every few tracks.

Around 1991, the muzak was replaced with mainstream hits, and the following year, new tapes began arriving weekly. The cassettes were supposed to be thrown away, but Davis dutifully slipped each tape into his apron pocket to save for posterity. He collected this strange discount department store ephemera until 1993, when background music began being piped in via satellite radio service.

Nearly 20 years on, Davis has digitized his whole collection, 56 cassettes in all, and just recently, made the recordings available at accompanied by some more background on this bizarre treasure trove. For a taste, listen below to the sweet, sweet sounds of October 1989.

Not your thing? Maybe you would dig the extra special 30th birthday program from March 1, 1992, which they were instructed to play at “a much higher volume.”

(Source : ChartAttack)

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