Someone Sent The Oregon Militants An Actual Bag Of D*cks

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The latest video from the extremists occupying a federal reserve in Oregon features a militant named Jon Ritzheimer — but the real star of the clip is a bag of dicks. Oh…and someone also sent a giant dong too.

The group — which has been dubbed Y’All Qaeda and Vanilla ISIS on social media — has been calling on sympathetic members of the public to send in the supplies a band of hardened survivalists need, such as French vanilla coffee creamer, Miracle Whip, hair conditioner and pillowcases.

In the new video, Ritzheimer said people are certainly responding to the plea… just not in the way he had hoped.

He complained of getting “hateful stuff” such as a giant dong and a bag of dicks, both of which he briefly shows in the video.

The militants, led by Ammon Bundy, have been holed up at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge since Jan. 2.

“It’s really ridiculous,” Ritzheimer complains. “Rather than going out and doing good, they just spend all their money on hate and hate and hate and hate.”

Ritzheimer noisily throws all the “hateful stuff” off the table so he can “continue to do what’s right for our country.”

He ends with a plea for more “patriots” to join the group.

“Enough talk, now it’s time for action,” Ritzheimer says in the clip.

(h/t Mediaite)


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