Mom Devastated After Being Ignored At Craft Fair, But Son’s Heartfelt Twitter Plea Comes To The Rescue

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The power of social media and a son’s love!

Martyn Hett and his mother are pretty close. When his mum texted him over the weekend disappointed over her poor reception at a local craft fair, Hett’s actions certainly deserve “Son of the Year.”

Hett grew up watching his mother knit and always enjoyed the trinkets she created for him, so after hearing that fair goers weren’t so appreciative of her work, the young man sprung into action. The result was too beautiful not to share.

1. Hett was heartbroken when he heard his mother had not sold anything at the craft fair all day.


2. He posted a photo of her crafts hoping someone would take notice.


3. Then customers starting rolling in to her little stand!

craftfair3 craftfair4


4. What a buddy!


5. By the end of the day Hett’s mom had sold more in an hour than she had all weekend!


6. DePop, the online store where Hett’s mom sells her goods even took notice!


Martin was able to reignite his mother’s passion for knitting and crafting! Job well done Martin!

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