Musician Recreates 19-Different Sound Effects Using His Violin

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sound effects violin

“Hey, I’m Daniel, a music fanatic, creator and string instructor. On a good day I hope to amaze you – Or at least amuse you. On the perfect day I will do both!”

This is what violinist Daniel Blair had written in the “about” section on his Youtube channel. The guy is nothing short of a virtuoso, having videos of him playing all sorts of musical pieces, but most of them are string interpretations of modern day hits by Meghan Trainor, Imagine Dragons, even theme songs from movies like Frozen and The Andy Griffith’s Show!

Armed with his violin, Daniel plays a total of 19 sound effects from all sorts of categories: bird calls, alarm sounds, bug sounds, even movie effects!

Color us impressed! These are all the sounds he plays on the, in the same order: the Robin, Sparrow, Seagull, Baby Falcon, Robbery in Progress, Home Invasion, Police in Pursuit, Air Raid Siren, Mosquito (complete with a slap on the hand), Cricket, Heavy Machinery, 18-Wheeler, Formula 1 Racecar, Squeaky Door, Psycho, That one stubborn hair, Kitty, R2-D2 and Jailbreak!

Check it out below!