Space-Themed Birthday Cake Reveals An Entire Universe When Sliced

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Want to make sure that someone’s birthday is out of this world? Then make them a universe cake, because it’s the s**t!

Naushee (aka Pedagiggle) created this multi-layered space birthday cake for her 4-year-old son, Ilyas, that’s as (inter)stellar inside as it on the outside. The exterior of the tall treat features hand-painted planets among the cosmos, while a rocket ship blasts off the top of the cake. If that’s not cool enough, once you cut into it, a whole solar system is revealed—including Earth, Mars, and the mesmerizing swirl of the Milky Way.

To create this vanilla flavored masterpiece, the culinary mom had to do some serious creative problem solving.

“I wanted to make a galaxy/space cake that was space-y on the outside, but also space-y on the inside,” the baker explains. “I could not find a recipe so I had to improvise.” She started with a white cake recipe in order to have “true colors and white galaxy/Milky Way swirls.” Then, she dropped in food coloring for the green, blue, red, orange, and yellow, representing the planets and sun. These were fashioned into spheres with a cake pop mold and later incorporated into the swirling purple of the overall cake.

This is what the cake looks like from the outside! 

But it’s the inside that is truly mind blowing! 

For more information on how to create your own space birthday cake, check out the full instructions on Imgur.