Spare the AC: 10 Life Hacks for Staying Cool in the Summer

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Endless nights, trips with family and friends, and days of relaxation. Summer is here. With it though comes warmer temperatures whether we’re ready or not.

If you’re like any of the 75% of Americans with an air conditioner at home, you know the costs can quickly add up in the summer months. Even when it seems like we do a good job of budgeting the AC, our monthly bills tell a different story.

Fortunately, there are ways to combat this.

Are you looking to lower your air conditioning bill this summer? Just learn a few tricks. Check out these simple life hacks for beating the heat and staying cool in the summer.

1. Shut the Windows and Blinds

The sun is a great source for energy and vitamin D, but it’s a culprit for letting heat into your home. Check your windows to ensure they’re properly sealed and covered by the blinds. Blackout shades are a great investment for keeping out light to help stunt room temperatures.

2. Except At Night


With that said, you don’t have to be as conservative with windows once the sun goes down. Temperatures at night typically decrease allowing for much cooler breezes depending on the weather. You can use this natural air flow as a life hack for summer sleep.

3. Fans Are Friends

Just like air conditioning fans are guilty of hogging part of our energy bills, but the difference is significantly less. While simply flipping the switch or plugging in a fan isn’t a life hack there are extra steps you can take. Have your fan direction run counterclockwise to push cool air down and out.

4. Unplug It


Take a look around your house, how many outlets are you using? Chances are you can unplug many of those items that aren’t in use like chargers and small appliances. Although you can’t see it, these plugs generate radiated heat that drives up indoor temperatures.

5. Use Your Fridge and Freezer

We all know the timeless summer hack of sticking our head inside the freezer on a hot day. This appliance can do more than store food. Just as you’d stick your sheets and blankets in the dryer to warm them up, try wrapping them in plastic to store in your fridge or freezer to cool them down.

6. Check Your Sheets

As you work towards cooling down your sheets, see what type of material they are. The ideal temperature range for a good night’s sleep is between 60-67 degrees Fahrenheit. Ditch the thick, heavy cotton sheets and opt for breathable microfiber sheets to avoid those night sweats.

7. Strategize Cooking


The stove and oven are part of our kitchen routine for whipping up delicious summertime meals. Unfortunately, they significantly raise indoor temperatures from constant use. The microwave or toaster oven are great alternatives, plus it’s a great excuse to fire up the grill.

8. Get Low

It’s generally known that heat rises, so use it to your advantage! Spend time on the ground floor or fix up the basement if your home has one. Additionally, make sure your roof or attic has proper ventilation so heat can exit without lingering around, many AC companies can assist with this.

9. Dress Cool

That new jacket or long sleeved shirt may be cool, but it certainly won’t help for staying cool in the summer. Keep your body temperature down by dressing smart with thin, loose clothing and opened toed shoes. Who says you have to be at the beach to dress like going there?

10. Stay Hydrated


We typically associate drinking enough water for exercise, but dehydration can strike at any time. Your body’s in constant need to replace lost water from everyday movement. Keeping a bottle of water handy even when just sitting on the couch is another great way to reduce body temperature.

Finding Hacks For Staying Cool In the Summer

There are many ways to beat the heat this summer without driving up your energy bills, and they aren’t just limited to these air conditioning hacks.

Get creative! Place ice in a bowl for a foot bath or keep a squirt bottle handy with cold water to spray on your face when the mood strikes. There’s no shortage of ways for staying cool in the summer!

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