Sperm Donor Meets His 19-Children All Together In Unconventional Family Reunion

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Michael Rubino has 19-children and he’s finally meeting them all for the first time.

When he was in his 30’s, Rubino became a sperm donor to help others start families. Unlike many other donors, he decided that he didn’t want to remain anonymous, and before he knew it, the children started contacting him.

“I loved them each immediately when I met them,” he said. Inside Edition brought them all together for the very first time.

Rubino made sure to place a letter in his donor file that stated if any of the children ever decided to reach out to him, that he would always be available.

Rubino invited all of his children back to his California home where 19 framed photos of his children graced his fireplace mantle. Many of his children share his passion for art as well and have become talented artists.

Check out the unconventional, yet awesome family reunion below!