Spice Up Your Safari Trip With These Great Activities

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Source: https://www.africaodyssey.com/

An African safari throws up many opportunities to create some once-in-a-lifetime memories but with so many destinations and activities to choose from, where do you start?

You’ll have plenty of chances to observe wildlife and view picturesque landscapes but you may be after something a little more adventurous. If you’re considering booking an African safari, consider these exciting activities:

Camel Horse-Back Safaris

Source: https://www.wildland.com/

Riding horses across the African savannah promises to be an exhilarating experience and you can even track herds of elephants and gallop alongside giraffes.

If you prefer something a little bit more gentile, site back and enjoy the gait of the camel, as you take in the wonderful wildlife. Given their knowledge of the African wilderness you will usually be lead by a knowledgeable local guide and you can enjoy these kinds of adventures in many reserves spread across the continent. Grumeti Singita in Tanzania offers unrivalled horse-back safaris, like wise so does Okavango Delta in Botswana.

Helicopter rides

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Adventurous holidaymakers will no doubt marvel in a helicopter ride. Stunning helicopter trips over the majestic landscapes, like the stunning Victoria falls, will leave your entire travelling party mesmerised.

Safe and comfortable, usually helicopter rides take place in small helicopters that carry up to 5 people. Many even offer headsets that enable passengers to talk to each other or even listen to music. Helicopter rides are available in lots of locations including Laikipia plains in Kenya and numerous locations in South Africa.

Take a trip to a Local Village

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Africa is home to many fascinating cultures and tribes. When you set out on safari you’ll be given plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in these ancient cultures. Travel to a remote village in the African bush and learn the tribal social system, traditions and customs.

Night Game Drive

Source: https://safari-index.com/

Safari experts say that almost a third of stunning wild animals are active during the night. Heading out on a night game drive grants you the chance to look for the animals that you might not see during the day as they hide from the beaming sun. You may even be lucky and spot a number of rarer animals such as the hunting leopard.

It may not be possible to include all the activities in your program but some operators such as Africa Odyssey have bespoke Africa safari packages to choose from so make sure you search around before you book.

It’s also worth noting that not all lodges and camps are able to offer certain activities. For example, private conservation area lodges are only allowed to offer night game drives.