Spotify Now Has A Playlist That Is Timed Perfectly With Cooking Times Of Various Pastas

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Every pasta seems to have a different cooking time in order to cook it just right! Leave the pasta boiling a little too long and you end up with soggy pasta, take it out of the boiling water too soon and you are left with undercooked pasta.

But those issues are a thing of the past now, thanks to Italian pasta maker Barilla!

Barilla has created Spotify playlists that can be used to time the preparation of different types of pasta: the spaghetti playlist lasts 9 minutes, the one for linguine — 10 minutes, and the one for fusilli — 11 minutes.

You can find the playlist right HERE

There is a “Moody Day Linguine” at 10 minutes with singer-songwriter, Sufjan Stevens, and a host of Italian artists.

Every type of pasta has its own playlist and its own theme. There’s “Mixtape Spaghetti” that runs 9-min long, which features Jay-Z, Gio Evan, and Tommaso Paradiso. There is also a “Top Hits Spaghetti” with songs by Shawn Mendez and other modern pop artists. “Timeless Emotion Fusilli” features The Beatles, Bob Dylan, and Cat Stevens and comes in at 11 minutes.

And of course every single session ends with a hearty “buon appetito!”