Stand Up Comedian’s ‘Waitstaff’ Raffle Gets Super Emotional And It is Awesome!

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This is such an awesome idea! Comedian Bert Kreischer ran a ‘Waitstaff Raffle’ at one of his shows. Basically, Burt asks the crowd to all pitch in $1 and he picks a waitstaff member at random to give the money to. Well, in this case, the crowd started throwing up $20’s, $10’s and even $50’s! The pot grew and grew and then Bert picked the winner. 

The winner, Greg was called on stage and when he was handed the fat stack of cash…he became very emotional. Greg explained to the crowd that his daughter’s birthday was coming up and that he is just a ‘single dad, working very hard’. 

Once the crowd heard that…more money started to flow and the Greg’s pot got even bigger!


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