Woman Proves Just How Much Work Stay At Home Parents Actually Do Everyday!

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Being a stay at home parent can be a tough gig…no matter what the age of the children. There are always messes to be picked up, food to be made, events kids need to be taken to. It is most certainly a rewarding job, but it can be quite tiring and it’s most certainly and endless job!

One mom created a video to show just how much work a stay at home parent actually does. In the case below, the mother has one small child…add a few more of various ages and you are in for a treat!

Often times, the partner in a relationship that does not stay home with the kids has no clue as to how much work their stay at home partner truly does every single day. From non stop cleaning, to homework…answering questions, cooking, playing and ride giving…it is a full time job!

While being a stay at home parent, you are also trying to live your life and squeeze in some adult time here and there…and that can be a chore in and of itself!

So a word of advice…if you are the partner of a stay at home parent. Cut them some slack…because you probably have zero clue as to just how much work they actually do for your family!