Stay Classy, Christmas Décor

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Christmas is coming! Now is the time when we turn our attention to filling our homes with glittering lights and shiny baubles.

It’s easy to go all-out and full-on tacky – after all, this is the season of tinsel and clashing colours. However, if you want to keep it classy, here are some Christmas décor dos and don’ts to follow for a sophisticated festive season.

Do Sparkle


Indulge in some glitter. This is a time when adding a little sparkle can enhance the festive feeling and shimmering decorations can be delicately done.

Search for decorations that have a tasteful amount of glitter and aim to stick to one metallic rather than clashing gold with silver.

Don’t go Glitter Mad

A touch of glimmering, shimmering colour is a chic way of bringing Christmas into the home, but don’t overdo it. If there are glittery baubles on the tree, be sure to intersperse these with plain baubles so that it’s not too much. A little can go a long way.

Do Rearrange the Furniture


Your Christmas tree should take centre stage. Whether you invest in a real one that you’ve personally selected from a nearby forest or you want to try something sleek and minimal this year, like these from Cox & Cox, this is the one part of the decorating process that showcases your festive style. So, if finding the best spot in the living room means moving the sofato the opposite wall, go for it.

Don’t Place the Tree in Harm’s Way

Make sure the tree is somewhere safe, though. Keep it away from the fire and radiators. There are a lot of flammable items around at Christmastime, so it’s important to ensure everyone stays safe.

Do Make the Outside Shine


Think of the neighbours when decorating the outside of your home. If you string up rows of lights along your fence and around your windows, try a discreet setting that allows a gentle ebb and flow, rather than a frenetic sequence of brash, flashing colours that can disturb those who live opposite.

Also, colourchoice is important. Chic white or cream-coloured fairy lights are a gentle way to add some festive cheer without overdoing it.

Don’t Leave the Lights On

Don’t forget to turn off the outside – and indoor – lights when you go up to bed. Not only will this ensure neighbours’ sleep is undisturbed, but you’ll be saving energy, too.

Whatever you have planned this holiday season, it’s worth taking the time to think about how you want it to look. What type of Christmas décor do you prefer? Are you all about the red and green or do you prefer a scattering of shimmering metallics?