Step Inside This Super Cool, Out Of This World Luxury Igloo Resort

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On a cold winter night in 1996, a lone man built an igloo on top of a Swiss mountain. His name was Adrian Gunter, and he had no idea that one simple shelter made of snow would lead to the most exciting business venture of his life.

Andrian first built the igloo in hopes to be the first one to wake up on the mountain and hit the slopes on his snowboard. His plan worked perfectly what first, but soon his friends were making their own igloos all around him.

It didn’t take long for other winter sport lovers, locals and tourists were asking if they could spend the night in one of the igloos. Passing interest grew into high demand over the next few years, and Iglu-Dorf was born. Today, Iglu-Dorf is a hugely successful luxury igloo rental service, and it’s all thanks to that fateful night Adrian spent overlooking the Swiss mountains.

When Adrian and his crew say “luxury,” they mean it. The attention to detail in each igloo is incredible, making them both beautiful and comfortable. Check out the images below for a full tour of what Iglu-Dorf has to offer.

This is an example of what you can expect to see upon arriving at one of Iglu-Dorf’s locations. It takes them around two weeks to construct an igloo this size.


Looks like a normal igloo…that is…until you step inside…


… extraordinary luxury awaits.


This is a picture of their “Romantic Igloo,” which comes complete with side-by-side sleeping bags on top of some huge blankets.


Iglu-Dorf invites artists from across the globe to craft the walls into beautiful sculptures.


As you can see, they offer more than just single-room igloos. Some are more like miniature hotels, with plenty of bedrooms and community areas.


Here, guests from different rooms can eat their meals together.


Imagine all of the different people you could meet renting a room in an igloo.


How warm does it get inside an igloo? While the snow offers some insulation due to the air pockets inside of it, you’ll still want to wear a jacket and hat at all times.


But if you’re worried about getting too cold, there’s always the hot tub.


Iglu-Dorf looks like the perfect place to get away!


An extraordinary amount of time is put into making each igloo feel like home.



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