Steve Harvey Stops The Show After Hearing This Guys Unusual Name…And Then Something Awesome Happens!

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This has to be one of the coolest families to ever play Family Feud!

A group of Nigerian siblings took on the Feud in an episode that host Steve Harvey will never forget. 

As the siblings started introducing themselves, it was easy to see that their names were not ordinary names that most of us are used to hearing. The first brother, named Olu, introducing himself and all is good. Then, another brother introduces himself as Obu and Steve Harvey nearly loses it. 


The families last name is Obu, so that would make this young man’s name, Obu Obu. Obu’s sisters blurts out…’you should ask him what his middle name is’. So, naturally Harvey asks…and low and behold…his middle name is Obu too! Obu Obu Obu even takes out his license to prove it. 

Harvey then stops the show and turns to the audience where Obu’s father is sitting. Obu’s father was responsible for naming his son and Steve was curious what the dad’s name may be. Of course…it is Obu too! 

Just when you think you have seen it all…the Obu family throws out one more surprise…and it is awesome! 

Check it out below!

Nigerian Family, The Obus on Family Feud

Nigerians are so extra but we are here for it though.

Posted by OkayAfrica on Monday, February 27, 2017

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