Steven Tyler Sings Jaw-Dropping Rendition Of ‘Amazing Grace’ In Church!

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Somehow this Youtube video, uploaded way back in 2006 almost managed to stay under the radar…until now!

In the video, Steven Tyler, the insanely talented rocker-turned-country-singer, sang a beautiful rendition of the classic gospel song, “Amazing Grace” along side fellow singer, Juliette Hamilton. The two absolutely wowed the church service crowd, and sang their hearts out!

Tyler’s unique vocal talent is one that has captivated audiences for decades. Combined with a little flare, eccentric notes and out of this world range, Tyler adds that special touch to whatever tune he sings.

Tyler’s recent switch from being a long time Rock n’ Roll legend to Country singer took many people by surprise…as it should have. But after we heard Tyler’s new single ‘Love Is Your Name‘, we couldn’t deny that Tyler can simply pull off singing any genre of music that he attempts.

We have never heard ‘Amazing Grace’ sang quite like this before and we simply can’t get enough of it. As you are watching this and listening to the beautiful combination of these two incredible voices, you can’t help but feel a sense of peace and harmony.

Watching this is like being let in on a little known secret. Enjoy:-)


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