Strange Photo Of A Hospital Air Vent Is Creeping Out The Internet

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A Brisbane woman felt ‘something looking at her’ before spotting what she thought were a pair of eyes peeping through the air vent above her.

The woman snapped a quick photo of the air vent and her daughter-in-law shared it on Facebook.

And that is when the creepiness truly began…

‘It would blink, move and look around the room.. sometimes it was there.. other times it wasn’t,’ the daughter-in-law wrote, according to

‘She could feel something looking at her and keeping an eye on her.

‘She would think the nurses where coming around to check her as she could feel people touching her, waking her up.. but there was no one there.’

The post sparked a divided reaction on social media, where people offered up their own explanations.

Some believed the eyes belonged to a ‘blonde-haired man’ spying thought the vent while others thought it could be a possum.

‘Hospitals creep me out at the best of times, but if I saw that, especially at night, I’d be out of there,’ one person commented.

Others believed there was a less sinister explanation and believed it could be simply air vent insulation or a reflection.