Strange Sightings In Rural Alabama County – Half Man, Half Beast

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Recently in Coffee County, Alabama, reports from ATV riders came in speaking of distant sightings of an unusual animal in the tree line. It was like half man, half beast.

In addition, they’ve heard a loud “shriek” cry late at night. But, it didn’t sound like a coyote. Over the last month, similar reports from others who spend time in the woods, have come in also.

Knocking sounds have been heard as well as screeches.

A decade ago, a team from California visited Coffee County’s Asbury Community after reports of a “Big Foot”, or a Skunk Ape due to a terrible smell in that vicinity. Despite three nights’ in the forest, they never found conclusive evidence of a creature.

The men say whatever is in the woods’, it seems more frightened of humans’. They ask if you’ve seen an unusual creature, or heard something out of the norm in the woods. Try and use your phone to get a picture or some form of evidence.