Milwaukee News Channel Captures Mysterious Lights Over The City On Live TV

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strange UFO lights milwaukee

FOX 6 of Milwaukee, Wisconsin shared a clip from a live video feed on 2/27/2018 where a series of mysterious lights zigzag among one another directly over the city.

Both news anchors were in awe and had no clue as to what the strange lights were that they were witnessing.

After the station posted the video to their Youtube channel, they commented that they received reports of seagulls flying in the area during the live shot. However, that doesn’t explain the strange lights.

Other Youtubers commented that the lights could have been from a series of night skydivers. We included a video of what night skydiving looks like and although it’s similar…the video from Wisconsin appears to well over 20 of these ‘lights’. The likelihood of that many night skydivers diving over the city would be quite low I would imagine.

Let us know what you think! UFO?

Here are the mysterious lights over Milwaukee. 

Here is what night time skydiving looks like.