Inspiring Stranger Interrupted A Street Fight And Taught The Kids A Lesson On Respect And Life

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Social media is filled with videos of people fighting in front of cheering crowds, cell phones in hand and recording the fight as though it is a Pay Per View event.

In the video below…this was one of those fight videos. However, the fight barely got started when a stranger showed up, broke it up and offered some serious words of wisdom and advice to all gathered. 

The man steps right in between the two teens who were fighting in the middle of the street. The fight stopped and the man called out all the people holding cellphones, cheering and laughing, calling them the real cowards. 

The man further went on to let the kids know that fighting is foolish. That they all look foolish, gathering in the middle of the street and egging on the two kids to fight. The man offered some life advice, telling these kids that their parents work too hard to give them the best life they can and fighting in the middle of the street…isn’t making them proud. 

The stranger was passionate, spot on and if the world only had a few more men/women like him…the world would be a better place. 

The man told the two kids who were fighting to shake hands and that he wasn’t leaving until they do. 

Check out the video below…it is truly inspiring!

Inspiring Stranger Teaches Fighting Kids A Lesson

This inspiring stranger interrupted a street fight and taught these kids a lesson on respect ??

Posted by UNILAD on Sunday, March 26, 2017


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