Stranger Takes Homeless Single Father By Surprise With This Act Of Kindness

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When this single father moved from New York to Colorado in hopes of a better life for his young son, he never thought he would be left homeless.

When James arrived in Denver, Colorado he was under the impression that a job was waiting for him, that was not the case. James also had housing set up for he and his son, but that too fell through. James and his son found themselves homeless as soon as they arrived.

On a (hashtag)GoBeKind tour, James was discovered by Leon Logothetis, a TV host who seeks out good Samaritans around the world and offers help to them in special ways.

Leon was captivated by James’ story and positive attitude despite the circumstances. The conversation between the two was emotional, but it got really emotional when Leon offered James $1,000 and told him he was going to put he and his into a hotel for the next 7-days.

James has a wonderful attitude about life. Don’t get caught up in being down. Look forward and appreciate what you have, work hard and life with go on in a positive direction.

Check out the chance meeting between Leon and James below!


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