Chinese Street Surveillance With Face Recognition Is Super Creepy

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Street Surveillance Face Recognition

If you have ever wondered if the Government can track you in public based on your face, they can. China uses an incredibly creepy ‘sense’ system that is able to detect who you are based on your face.

The video surveillance system can detect faces in an instant and immediately connect that face to a name. In addition to faces, the system can also differentiate different objects, such as vehicles, mopeds and bicycles.

The system has been created to the capture of many wanted suspects in China, but with that, it has also has people wondering if technology has gone to far. Is this an invasion of privacy? Should the government have a database filled with citizens images and personal information?

Don’t think the ‘sense’ system is used in China only…you can bet this type of system is used all over the world.

Check it out below.