Summer Will Never Be The Same With This Floating Picnic Table For The Lake Or Pool

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This is probably one of the coolest things we have ever seen for the pool or lake!

These floating picnic tables can seat 4 adults or 6 kids!

The floating picnic table is made with a hard, foam-like material that’s very lightweight and very sturdy. When dry, it weighs 65-lbs. The table’s do not fold down, so would have to be stored at the location of use or could be transported in a large camper or SUV.

The company also offers a found version that has an umbrella in the middle!

There are also loop rings on the side so you can attach the floating picnic table to your boat — so you don’t float away. Unless floating is your thing…

They also have a kids version HERE, you can fit 5-6 kids. Would also be fun to use with these waterproof games.

You can buy one HERE!