Super Easy DIY Self Tanning Methods That Really Work!

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It’s that time of year again…Spring, which means summer is pretty much just around the corner. What does that mean? That means people start working on their tans. If your part of the world just doesn’t have the sun power to tan right now or you hate using tanning beds, then these simple #DIY self tanning methods are for you!

With these methods you will get a much more natural looking tan and  you will save money too! I also don’t like using store bought products that can cause streaking and are mainly chemical based so these solutions we are about to share with you are awesome!

This first one is super simple and you see instant results! All you will need is two cups of piping hot water and four ‘black’ tea bags.  Let the four tea bags sit in the hot water for 15 minutes, put the mixture into a spray bottle, spray your bod down, wipe, let dry and you are fully tan!


This second one you will use Cocoa powder as the main ingredient.  Check out the video to see the compound in action!

Source : Youtube

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