29 Superstar Athletes Who Married Their High School Sweethearts

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With all the fame and money that comes along with the territory, you might think that superstar athletes – those who enjoy celebrity status, travel the world in private jets, drive the fanciest cars, and hang out with models and actresses, will take their time when it comes to choosing who they’d marry. After all, they’ll surely meet a lot of women throughout their career and it would be very easy to picture these girls swooning over them. However, some of these athletes have already met the love of their lives when they were just starting on their journey to become the famous athletes that they would eventually be – in high school.
You can just imagine how their high school sweethearts must have felt when their athlete boyfriends made it big. Proud? Of Course. Happy? Who wouldn’t be? Concerned? Most would be, but not those who are in the list below, as they were able to take their high school sweethearts off the market before they made it big.
These are the most popular and famous athletes who were lucky enough to have found love early, and married their high school sweethearts.