Surveillance Video Shows Teacher Kissing 10-Year-Old Student On Lips

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teacher kissing student

A Florida teacher is in hot water after he was caught on video kissing a 10-year-old boy on the lips, in his classroom. The school’s principal is being hailed a hero for keeping this monster away from children.

The principal placed a security camera in 28-year-old teacher Brian Kornbluth’s classroom after a report from another teacher, that Kornbluth was acting suspicious.

The hidden camera was placed in the classroom and positioned to point directly at Kornbluth’s desk. What the principal found on the recording, was more than disturbing.

A young boy was in Kornbluth’s classroom in search of some gummy bears and was seen kissing his teacher on the lips.

The 28-year-old taught at a charter school in Boca Raton, Florida. Kornbluth has since been arrested and removed from the school. Hopefully he is removed from being around children for the rest of his life.