Survivalist Builds Massive Underground Bunker Out Of 42 Buried School Buses

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83-year-old Bruce Beach spent over 50 years creating the largest privately-owned nuclear fallout shelter in North America.

The survivalist initially thought the end of the world was coming back in 2017 – surprise – it didn’t happen. However, Beach does have himself quite the underground compound. If ‘The Walking Dead’ should ever become a reality, Beach will surely be laughing at others, not being laughed at.

The underground shelter is located in Canada and lies 14-feet below the earth’s surface on Beach’s 12.5 acre property.

Beach calls his underground bunker, ‘Ark Two’, a play on words from the Bible, referencing Noah’s Ark.

The entire process has been incredibly costly for Beach. Acquiring 42 school buses alone was a costly venture. Beach has spent tens of thousands of dollars on his ‘end of the world’ living quarters.

The 10,000 square foot shelter was designed to help preserve the human population and start restructuring the world if it should ever come to such times.

However, not just anyone is allowed to enter the bunker. Beach is fearful of anyone entering that carries an illness that can be spread. If you want to enter the bunker, you must go through a screening process prior to entering and shower immediately upon entry.

Although he has been called a “nut”, Beach spent countless weekends designing the bunker along with 50 other volunteers.

Around 350 people will be able to enjoy this bunker, which he claims, has “all the comforts of home”.

The compound features an above ground generator which supplies power to the entire underground bunker.

After the buses were buried 14-feet under the earth’s surface, Beach covered them all with 2 solid feet of concrete.

Part of the compound is designed to be used as a distribution center for emergency supplies.

Beach says he used the buses because they all have reinforced steel roofs,which are perfect for bomb shelter molds.

A fallout shelter isn’t complete without some modern technology, so Beach made sure to have security cameras up and running!

The damp and poorly-lit shelter features a reception area, with cubbyholes “for firearms”, a mortuary, dentists chair and a brig.

Even though many people call Beach a ‘nut’, he doesn’t seem to care. He states that he made the bunker out of goodwill and for all humans.