Man Records Himself Dancing In His Room And Millions Watch His Every Step

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Sven Otten, also known by his YouTube handle JustSomeMotion, has some killer dance moves and he didn’t learn those moves by taking any sort of dance class either. Otten only recently learned how to dance in the last few years by watching Youtube videos!

Sven Otten just some motion dancing


Now, Otten has created his own dance style that people can’t seem to get enough of!

“I did a video, I uploaded it in my youtube channel and today it has 40 Million views,” he writes.

Otten published that video, “Parov Stelar – All Night,” back in January of 2013. Today it has racked up more than 43.7 million views and is still going strong.

“Now dancing is not only my passion but also my work. Dreams come true!”