This Switch, Steal And Unwrap Luck Of The Dice Gift Exchange Game Is A Must Play!

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switch steal unwrap gift exchange game

Source: The Office

A few years ago we brought you the Saran Wrap Game and that was a major hit across the globe! Now, has a game that is equally as awesome and is no doubt going to be a huge hit this Christmas!

This switch, steal and unwrap gift exchange game is one that your entire family can enjoy this holiday season! From children to adults, this game will be a huge hit!

Britni over at has also put together these super cool printable cards that you can use to play the game.

We won’t give you the full explanation of the game as we will have you head over to PlayPartyPlan for that, but in short…everyone playing has at least one wrapped gift in front of them. Dice are rolled and depending on the numbers that are rolled, a gift is either unwrapped, passed or you can steal someone’s gift. Once all the gifts are unwrapped, the game is over!

Click the link below to read the rules in their entirety and print out the rule card!


SWITCH STEAL UNWRAP GIFT EXCHANGE GAMEswitch steal unwrap gift exchange game