Sylvester Stallone Kept His Two Turtles From The Original ‘Rocky’ Film, And They’re Now 44

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Sylvester Stallone starred as an underdog boxer in the 1970s cult classic film, Rocky, where he developed a sweet relationship with a shy pet owner Andrian Pennino. Their relationship was, of course, sparked by Rocky visiting the J&M Tropical Fish Pet store to buy food supplies for his two turtle pets.

Well, Rocky fans are delighted to see that Stallone actually kept the two turtles (Cuff & Link) that were part of the filming of the original Rocky movie. The pair even made their way back on screen during the 2018 remake of Rocky – Creed II.

Now, at age 44, the turtles are still taking it easy and it’s slow going.

Sharing an adorable pic of the lettuce munching megastars in their tank, Stallone wrote on the Instagram post:

“In CREED 2 with my original buddies from the first Rocky … CUFF and LINK, now about 44 years old!”

And Rocky fans were quick to comment!

Cuff and Link are still alive, and this is the happiest news I’ve heard this entire year.

I was already a fan but in reading about Cuff and Link and your absolute love of animals – I’m an even bigger fan. THANKS for keeping them happy and healthy for all those years!

Check out Cuff and Link in the video clip below…they were a lot younger than!

Cuff and Link aren’t the only pets Sylvester Stallone kept after filming. He also owned Butkus, a beautiful bull mastiff who appeared in Rocky and Rocky II.