Take $1,000 Cash And Walk Away, Or Take $2,500 And Bet It All On One Hand Of Blackjack…

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We stumbled across this video and thought it was pretty fun.

Back in 2010, John Chow won an all expenses paid trip to Vegas. Once he arrived, he was given the option to take $1,000 cash and walk away, or take $2,000 cash and bet it all on one hand of Blackjack. In addition to the money, the company who gave Chow the trip was going to give him $500 for his flight…so Chow decided to take the $2,000, plus the $500 and let it ride on one hand of Blackjack. 

What would you do?

Here is what happened! (Since we already told you the back story, we started the video right at the action point)


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