Take a Look Inside The 2020 Dodge Ram Lineup

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The 2020 Dodge Ram lineup has a number of high-rated trucks on the market. Here are the best deals you can find on these Ram trucks.

If you happen to be a fan of Dodge Ram trucks and want to know the features of the 2020 models, then this is perfect article for you. Dodge Ram is known for its customer satisfaction, especially when it comes to top quality, off-road and family trucks. While these vehicles were designed with the ideal levels of comfort and style, they also impress in other tasks such as their towing abilities.


The 2020 Dodge Ram 1500

When it comes to the 2020 Dodge Ram 1500, the basic model starts at $31,895. Meanwhile, the Classic model costs $282,00. The 2019 version of the Dodge Ram 1500 actually won the title of MotorTrend Truck of the Year. This vehicle also boasts of comfortable and luxurious interiors, as well as incredibly smooth driving mobility. Drivers also enjoy the fact that this light-duty truck is incredibly fuel efficient.


The Performance Features and Mileage

While the basic model of this pickup can produce 305 horsepower with its 3.6L V6 engine, drivers can also get the Hemi V8 engine and enjoy 395 horsepower. The EcoDeisel Engine, on the other hand, can deliver 260 horsepower. But one of the greatest advantages of this pickup is its ability to tow up to 12,750 pounds.

Another attractive factor with the V6 engine is reaching 26 mpg on average. But for those that prefer to be even more fuel efficient, they should consider getting the EcoDiesel engine instead. Of course, the V8-engine equipped trucks have much more power, but they can only reach 23 mpg fuel average for these models. Again, if you are environmentally conscious and prefer to be more fuel efficient, we suggest getting the EcoDiesel model.


The Interior and Safety Features

The 2020 Ram 1500 is considered incredibly spacious inside. One of the best features that adds to one’s comfort is the heated and ventilated reclining rear seats.

With the base model, buyers can opt to add on several premiere features at no added cost. These include 12-inch high resolution touch display and a 900-watt Harmon Kardon sound system that music enthusiasts will highly enjoy, considering their ability to produce crystal clear sounds.

As for safety features, these include accident-avoidance technologies such as automatic emergency braking, blind-spot warning and lane departing alerts. And what most drivers love about this latest model is the self-parking system and surround-view camera.


The 2020 Dodge Ram 2500

The 2020 Dodge Ram 2500 model has seen some significant changes. This heavy-duty pickup has managed to stay ahead of its competitors, especially when it comes to its more modern look due to the new headlights.


The Performance Specs and Fuel Economy

The 6.4L Hemi V8 engine can reach up to 410 horsepower. Even though this truck isn’t necessarily popular for its fuel economy, the Ram 2500 it still has better standing than its challengers when it comes to fuel efficiency.

For buyers that prefer to have an even stronger hauling ability, they can always upgrade to the Cummings diesel engine. This particular engine offers 850 pound-feet of torque and an impressive 370 horsepower. With the Dodge Ram 2500, drivers can tow a monumental 20,000 pounds.

Yet despite the intense power of this truck, it still impresses with stable handling and effortless acceleration, which are some of the Ram 2500’s most prominent features. In fact, the Power Wagon model is already trail-ready, particularly designed with adventure-lovers in mind. It also has extra underbody protection, as well as upgraded shock absorbers for those that prefer to drive off trail, making it a more comfortable experience.


The Interior and Safety Features

The 2020 Ram 2500 also has a very spacious cabin, allowing passengers to bask in the luxurious black leather upholstery.

Other attractive features are the 3.5-inch driver information display, 5-inch touchscreen, and Bluetooth that come with the basic trim. Buyers can also choose to add upgrades such as 12-inch Uconnect infotainment display, as well as a 17-speaker sound system.

As for safety, the forward collision warning and blond-spot monitoring are advanced features that were not available in the previous models. This model also comes with a 360-degree parking camera.


The 2020 Dodge Ram 3500

For drivers looking to purchase a truly top-quality truck, the 2020 Dodge Ram 3500 could be the one for you. Drivers will get a variety of premium features with this particular vehicle. One notable attribute is this truck’s ability at handling off-road driving.


The Performance Specs

The 2020 Dodge Ram 3500 6.4L Hemi V8 model can produce 429 pound-feet of torque and 410 horsepower. It can also tow a massive 35,000 pounds due to the fact that it’s equipped with a stiffer suspension and dual rear wheels, more than other pickup trucks in the same class.


The Interior and Safety Features

Considering the size of this heavy-duty truck, the large windows give both the driver and passengers better outdoor visibility. Regardless of its extreme power, it still gives the an incredibly comfortable and quiet drive. It also has spacious interiors and bigger cargo space.

Other features include a big-screen infotainment system, as well as seat ventilation. As for safety features, the 2020 Dodge Ram 3500 comes with adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and a ton of other enjoyable attributes.


In Conclusion

No matter which model and trim you choose from the 2020 Dodge Ram lineup, the manufacturer ensures that each vehicle promises to fulfill your every need and want in a pickup, and better yet, save you money at the same time.