This ‘Tarzan Boat’ Is The Ultimate Floating Water Park That Takes Summer To The Next Level!

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A floating water park for all ages is making big waves this summer!


Tarzan Boat, a unique boat design from Chattanooga, features a six-foot platform called the Monkey Jump, a 14-foot Gorilla Jump high dive, a 12-foot Tarzan Swing and a small trampoline known as the Monkey Bounce. Daredevils can also try out the boat’s 12-foot high trampoline and jungle-themed curvy water slide.


The boat, which was introduced in 2015 and has a capacity for 40 people is now available for private sale! It is not widely available for rent, but future owners can decide their rental plans, which are typically by-the-hour or for private parties. Or, you can buy it outright! 


The cost of a Tarzan Boat is approximately $64,000. A smaller version, Tarzan Mini, is also available with three water attractions at about $38,000.


What do you think? Pretty awesome right?


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