This ‘Exploding Boob’ Prank Is One No Tattoo Artist Will Ever Forget

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tattoo prank fake boob

In this now viral video, one tattoo loving woman scared the bejeezus out of the tattoo artist that was inking her.

An already heavily tattooed woman was getting another tattoo done on her side, just next to her insanely large right breast. Wondering why her breasts are so large? Well they are fake of course…but not the type of ‘fake’ breasts you are thinking of. They are literally just balloons.

So, as you could imagine…as the tattoo artist starts to tattoo on her right breast…BOOM!

The prank was recorded at a parlor called Brite Tattoo Shop in Pattaya, Thailand. And while some reports claimed that these people are strangers, more have stated that the woman in the video is actually the tattoo artist’s girlfriend, which would throw the whole “prank” aspect into question.

Apparently, the woman, a 25-year-old named Mint, agreed to take part in the video to raise awareness of the shop as a favor to her boyfriend Feist, who is tattooing her in the video. So either his surprise is totally fake, or he was just legitimately terrified by the sound of a balloon popping that close to his face. Considering that he was sticking a vibrating needle into his girlfriend’s arm at the time, that would make sense.

Check it out below…it’s is certainly entertaining.