Man Robbing Taxi Driver At Gun Point Received Instant Justice

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Robbing people is never a smart idea, however in the robbery world…there are some super smart criminals, however most are just idiots and the guy below is the king idiot.

While attempting to rob his cab driver at gun point, this robber failed to take a look at his surrounding first. If he would have taken a moment to look around before going all cowboy on the taxi driver…he would have noticed there was a police officer directly behind him.

As the robber pulls out a gun and demands the drivers cash, the driver pleads with the robber to stop and not to shoot. The driver just started his shift and he didn’t have a lot of money on him. As he explained this to the robber, a police is seen exited his cruiser behind the cab. The officer walks over to the cab, gun drawn and removes the suspect from the vehicle, placing him immediately under arrest.

How’s that for instant karma!