Teacher Mocks Rude And Ungrateful Former Student Who Insults Her On Facebook

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We remember former teachers who had a sense of humor and knew how to play along with their students. School reunions bring back memories and provide a chance to see our favorite teachers. Though not everybody has fond memories of even the most liked and popular instructors, there is always an exception to the rule. Illustrated here is the story of Mrs. Johanson, who was clearly a favorite of many of her former students. Except for one, Larry.

Chatting in a group on Facebook, a former student of Mrs. Johanson expressed her hope to see her favorite teacher at the reunion. Even as another former student agreed, a seemingly ungrateful former student, Larry, who had a bad experience with Mrs. Johanson as he had to take summer school joined in.  “WTF that lady was your favorite teacher,” he wrote. “She’s a b_ _ ch because of her I had to take summer school!” he added. Apparently he did not realize Mrs. Johanson was in the group. She posted “Sadly I won’t be able to attend, but thank you all for inviting me to the group. Larry, I’m sorry you feel that way. Obviously my grammar lessons didn’t stick to you well.”

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Another former student expressed his surprise at the reply of Mrs. Johanson and actually cheered her on. But Larry was not done, he replied “w/ever I couldn’t say it in hs so I say it now U R A BITHC!” To which the teacher replied “ Larry, you can barely say it now. Also, you could have said that in High School because “BITHC” isn’t a real word. I am going to use my context clues and assume you are attempting to call me a b_ _ch. In that case, I will point out that your facebook information lets me know that you are currently single and unemployed. Who is the b_ _ch now?”

You can imagine the comments of her former students then, and as it was posted on facebook, other users as well. Larry should have thought twice before tangling with his former grammar teacher, obviously he didn’t learn anything. Guess he didn’t show up at the reunion out of embarrassment. Life can be a B_ _CH.


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