Teacher Takes Students Cell Phone Away, Student Physically Assaults Him

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Now I am not exactly sure when the respect disappeared for our elders in this country, but it sure as hell is nearly all gone.

In this video a 16-year-old JFK high school student in Paterson, New Jersey was in class when his 62-year-old teacher took his cell phone away. The student approached the teacher, wrapped his arms around the teachers waist and began trying to wrestle him to the ground with force. Eventually, the student slams the teacher down and takes back his cell phone.

The entire situation was caught on another 9th graders cell phone. The teacher did file a formal complaint against the student and the student was then arrested and charged with third-degree aggravated assault.

All of this over a cell phone. Personal property or not, that teacher and school reserve the right to make their own rules in regards to what happens on their property and what is allowed and is not allowed on school grounds or in a classroom. If the kid doesn’t like the rules, he can stay home or just not attend class and deal with life’s consequences based on that decision. At no point did this child have the right to lay a hand on the teacher, none the less slam him to the ground with such force and disrespect.

We have a problem in this country. Teachers are unable to solve it, law enforcement is unable to solve it and it parents are losing control. The parental structure is lack luster. The family unit is all but destroyed and most kids are growing up doing what they want, when they want without fear of the consequences.

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