Teachers Caught On Video Discussing Which Students They’d ‘f–k, Marry Or Kill’

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A group of Michigan public school staffers are in some hot water after being caught on video happily discussing which students they would rather have sex with, marry or kill.

When the video started, I thought…wow, this teacher is crazy. Then, as the video progresses…you start to notice that all of the teachers have the same, ridiculous mentality. Disgusting. 

“Oh, I would f—k [student’s name],” a woman can be heard saying in the clip.

A man at the table is heard identifying the three students he would “bone,” “marry” and “kill.”

“I would totally marry [student’s name] because she likes the Tigers and she never even brought up that I was wasted on the bus trip … she can keep secrets,” another man says.

This is a scary reality. Teachers and school officials are supposed to be role models and ones that our kids can look up to. While most teachers and school officials are just that…sadly, many are not. 

On Monday, two teachers received a written reprimand and a school secretary resigned, the network reported.

Parents were outraged and at a Monday night school board meeting, they requested that all of the individuals in that discussion resign or be fired. 

There are legal charges pending also.