Tech That Can Revolutionize Diabetes Care And Management

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Other than being the penultimate month of the year, November is Diabetes Awareness Month, making it the best time to check out the latest inventions that are set to revolutionize diabetes management.

For example, in the coming years, continuous glucose monitors will become a standard tool in the box of healthcare professionals and caregivers alike. With smartphone-compatible devices and reusable insulin-pens, the daily struggle of diabetes patients will drastically reduce.

Here are a few inventions that can walk the proverbial extra mile in diabetes management:

1. Omnipod DASH

A wearable insulin pump, Omnipod DASH provides insulin continuously for up to 72 hours. It also comes with a handheld, Bluetooth-enabled device called Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM). This PDM has the capability to allow up to 12 people to remotely monitor the status of the patient – a helpful feature for parents and doctors.

2. Freestyle Libre

As a continuous glucose monitor, Freestyle Libre shows a lot of promise. With its intermittent scans, it can provide reliable data for 14 days at a time. It is a pain-free glucose monitor, as the sensor itself is embedded under the skin of the patient.

This glucose monitor is smartphone compatible with the help of the LibreLink phone app that allows the monitor to sync data and compare it with the set range.

3. InPen

InPen, a smart, reusable injector pen, comes with a phone app. It can automatically calculate insulin doses based on the settings saved by the user. It also stores the injection history of the user which can later be shared with healthcare providers.

This injector pen features insulin temperature reminders and optional dose alerts to further ease the struggle diabetes self-care.

4. Sensor-Augmented Pumps

As an accessory to continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), sensory-augmented pumps are programmed to deliver the exact insulin dose required at the right time. These pumps suspend insulin dose if hypoglycemia is either predicted or detected.

This helps in avoiding the complications associated with lower-than-recommended (below 70 mg/dL) blood sugar levels. Examples of such pumps are Medtronic 670G and Tandem’s t:slim X2. While the Medtronic device works with the help of Guardian Sensor, t:slim X2, uses the Basal IQ algorithm and pairs well with Dexcom G6 devices.

In the future, these devices may also become an important tool in doctor’s kit, as they can regulate and release insulin as per the needs of patients.

5. Dexcom G6

Dexcom G6 is a CGM that can be worn for 10 days at a go. The device does not require fingerstick or strip data and up to 10 followers can access the data with the help of devices, such as smartwatches and smartphones. There is an alert system in place to remind users and caregivers of the updates.

6. Tidepool Loop

Developed by Tidepool, a nonprofit diabetes data organization, Tidepool Loop will be an FDA approved automated insulin delivery device that will support MiniMed, Omnipod and Dexcom G6 technology. It stemmed from the internet movement, #wearenotwaiting, which encourages patients to come up with their own tech-based diabetes management solutions. It is expected to be released soon along with its iOS app.


Be it type 1 diabetes or type 2, the products mentioned above are set to take over the traditional methods of diabetes monitoring and intervention. Some of these devices can provide the patients with useful, long term data that can help in lifetime management. Access to this data can help health professionals optimize the care that has to be given.

They can also help patients achieve their personal goals. However, any new equipment should be included only after a thorough discussion with your primary healthcare professional.