Contractor Makes Claims Of Scary, Ghostly Events At Home Where Killer Ted Bundy Grew Up

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Ted Bundy haunted home

Casey Clopton and his construction crew were called up to renovate a Washington home. The home was purchased to flip and it just so happened to be the childhood home of serial killer, Ted Bundy.

Clopton never believed in ghosts or spirits, but that all changed after he started working on the home. (Video Below)

Strange events started to occur in the home right from the start of the construction. Clopton’s daughter accompanied him on one of the first days at the home and she informed him that something felt strange and that something was wrong. She then started to cry.

Throughout the next few weeks, door knobs turned on their own, cabinet doors opened and shut all by themselves, furniture was over turned and scariest of all…the word ‘LEAVE’ was spelled out on the dusty floor.

In one instance, one of Clopton’s workers was using his cellphone to take a video in the basement of the home, the video wouldn’t record. The worker’s cellphone kept resetting until it eventually stopped working.

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