Teen Girl Gets Her Head Stuck In A Pumpkin During Family Carving Session

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Getting your head stuck inside a pumpkin is no laughing matter. Okay…wait…it sort of is.

During a family pumpkin carving session the oldest daughter, a teenager, shows off her pumpkin, to which the mom responds, “This is literally a massive pumpkin.”

Isn’t it so cute?!” the teenager, Rachel, exclaims. “I can, like, fit my head in it.” She then flips her pumpkin over to expose the side with the hole. She looks at the opening cautiously for a moment, before diving headfirst into the pumpkin.

At one point, the mother states that she will laugh if her daughter gets her stuck in the pumpkin…and so the laughter began.

Once she figures out that her head is indeed stuck, her brother tries to help by sticking his hand in the pumpkin as well.

Finally, one of her siblings gets her dad, who suggests they call the fire department. From inside the pumpkin, we hear the teenage girl yell, “No! Please don’t!” Eventually she manages to get her head out of the pumpkin without the help of the fire department, but you can bet this is a Halloween her family won’t ever forget.



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