Tennis Player Can’t Stop Laughing At Opponents Mistake

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A tennis match between Israeli and Estonian tennis player turned into a comedy after an Estonian player made a ridiculous mistake.

This doubles match from the 2016 Fed Cup between Israel and Estonia is making the internet rounds this week, thanks to Reddit.

During the match, an Israeli player (Julia Glushko)  hit a massive lob into the air, the perfect situation for receiving Estonian to rock the ball hard…right back. However, the Estonian geared up, took a massive swing and completely missed the ball.

Julia Glushko

Laughter ensued by the Israeli girls and when it was time for one of them to serve up the ball, she couldn’t.

You know when you find yourself laughing and you don’t know why…but you can’t control it. The more you think about it, the more you laugh. Yeah…it was like that.

Check it out below.


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