Leaked MLB Video With Audio Has Us Hearing Heated Dispute Between Umpire And Manager

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Terry Collins leaked video umpire mlb

The Major League Baseball (MLB) commission isn’t happy that video (with audio) of former New York Mets manager Terry Collins and game officials fighting has leaked and the MLB isn’t happy about it.

The expletive-laced rant that gives fans a glimpse into the sheer emotion of what it’s really like during a heated debate on the field.

The MLB has promised to wipe the video from the internet, but are clearly having some issues doing so, as the video can still be found on Youtube (below).

Typically when we see baseball managers and players in heated arguments with umpires, we don’t hear what is being said.

In this case, the umpires were mic’d up.

In the video, the New York Mets pitcher was ejected for a ball thrown behind Dodgers’ Chase Utley.

MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred said the league made a “commitment to the umpires that if they would wear microphones, certain types of interactions that we all know go on the field would not be aired publicly.”

“We promised them that. It’s in the collective bargaining agreement. We had no choice in a situation like that than to do everything possible to live up to our agreement,” he said Thursday after the owners meetings ended. “It is Labor Relations 101. To not do that is the kind of breach of trust that puts you in a bad spot over the long haul,” he said.

With that said, the MLB is making every effort to remove the video from the web.