Texas Man Argues With Police Officer, Thinks He Knows The Law, Quickly Finds Out He Doesn’t

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A Texas an was pulled over for going 50 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone. When the officer approaches, the man cracks his window and starts asking the officer a slew of questions. The officer asks the man time and time again for his drivers license and registration and time and time again the driver refuses.

As the conversation starts to get heated, the driver feels he knows the Texas law like the back of his hand. The driver informs the officer that ‘speeding in itself is not a crime in Texas’ nor is ‘failure to identify’. After five minutes of the back and forth banter, the officer gets rather frustrated and with back up on the scene, the officer smashes out the drivers window. The driver is forced out of the car, handcuffed and arrested. The first crime he is charged with…’failure to identify’.

So…it would appear that yes, speeding is a crime in Texas as is failure to identify. So this driver thought he was going to save himself from a couple hundred dollar fine, when in reality he know has to pay for a broken window…miss work…go to jail and deal with the court system. Well played Mr. Texan Driver…well played.